Survivor’s pension

The current law 8 August 1995 n. 335 severely cuts the survivor’s pension when the retired has a modest income.

Survivor’s retired, widows and orphans are therefore hit twice: the loss of a loved one and the drastic deterioration in the standard of living.

The ACDMAE, together with about fifty associations gathered in a Committee, has fought for some time to modify the current legislation. We have promoted, with the support of SNDMAE and other associations, an appeal to the Strasbourg ECHR while at the same time we are in contact with the Ministry of Work in order to support the survivor’s retired cause and improve their current condition.

Supplementary Pension GESAV-Generali

Supplementary pension GESAV-Generali

The hurdle of building a substitute or integrative pension is one of the most serious consequences of our wanderer life. Our future becomes even more complex due to the current system for calculating pensions.

Therefore, we have signed for some time an extremely convenient agreement with Generali Insurance for a flexible private pension with excellent return.

It is possible to make a deposit depending on the current assets, and it is not necessary to wait 60 or 65 years to benefit from them in the form of revalued capital or annuity.

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