The ACDMAE Choir

It was born in September 2008 with the objective of deepening the repertoire in the field of ancient, Renaissance and baroque music. Its peculiarity lies in the constant rotation of its components, due to the professional needs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel, who alternates periods of residence in Rome to periods abroad, at the diplomatic Rappresentanze of the Italian Republic.

The choir has performed in Italy in prestigious halls, churches and theatres among which the Auditorium Parco della Musica and the church San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome and the Pavone Theatre in Perugia; it has collaborated with several orchestras and established baroque music groups and has participated in several festivals of baroque music (last in chronological order was the 2018 Ravenna Festival). **Manca la parte di Città e date**

The choir has also permormed abroad: in Madrid in 2011, at Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev in 2012 and 2017, in Lison in 2013, at Piccolo Teatro Siciliano at the Hotel de Boisgelin, in London and Berlin in 2014, in Vienna and Prague in 2015, at Palazzo Presidenziale del Gran Maestro in Malta in 2016, in Lyon and Stockholm in 2018, in Moscow in 2019.

Nancy Milesis Romano

Founder and Music Director of the Choir of the ACDMAE, professional musician as well as spouse herself, she graduated in piano and singing at the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires. In 1994 she moved to Italy, where she began an in-depth study of baroque music that led her to dedicate herself with passion to this repertoire and to be part of several baroque ensembles in the capital. In Kiev she studies direction of chamber music. For professional reasons first, and then to follow her husband, she also studied and worked in the USA, Mexico, Germany, Georgia and Ukraine.