Insurance and healthcare

Currently, there are plans of health insurance valid worldwide, signed with the Association as special agreements. The interest of joining a similar agreement is the following: despite being individual policies, the negotiation of any increase in premiums or changes in guarantees takes place between the insurer and the Association. Under no circumstances will the insurer be able to rescind the contract with an individual member, because he should do so with the whole group.

SAI Agreement: it provides for insurance up to 100 years, also for those already in retirement. The premium depends on the age. We have also signed an additional policy for house and family. For more information call the ACDMAE or contact Mr. Bianchi of SAI:; to see a summary of the policy click on the link in the section below.

Allianz World Wide Care Agreement: the aim of the contract is to provide members of the diplomatic personnel and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the refund of medical expenses recognized by the insurance. Furthermore, thanks to the international network of Alliance, the policy guarantees to the members a complete coverage in Italy and abroad.

For further information, contact:

Segreteria ACDMAE:
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