Members can ask ACDMAE for the booklet published in 2005 “Healthcare in Rome – useful directions”. It contains the bureaucratic iter for administrative health procedures, the list of hospitals and their specialist departments with telephone numbers and addresses.

Booklet “Healthcare in Rome – useful directions” – topic discussed:

  • Emergencies

  • Polyclinics

  • Addresses of the main hospitals

  • Specialist departments

  • Infectious diseases (AIDS and hepatitis)

  • Affiliated post-operative rehabilitation centers

  • Centers for palliative pain care

  • Laboratories affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Information for disables

  • Compulsory child vaccination

  • Procedure for enrolment in the national health system

  • Court of the sick

  • Home care for the elderly

  • How is organized the transplant in Italy

Those interested can collect the booklet at our association.

Chi è interessato può ritirare il libretto presso l’associazione.