“Incontro” group

Born as “Group Young Partners”, the Group “Incontro” was thus renamed in 2002, meaning the progressive opening to all those who after one or more periods lived abroad, find themselves struggling with the “adventures” of life in Rome.

It is now a fixed date for many of us, a pleasant moment of meeting and an opportunity for new friendships and, above all, a place of sharing experiences, advice and trips, particularly useful for non-Roman or foreign spouses and for all those who live in the Capital as a new headquarters.

In the Group “Incontro” you can also update on the activities of the ACDMAE, find answers to questions of various kinds and know the next appointments of the association.

The group meets every month for a breakfast at the Foreign Ministry Club. The appointment is communicated by e-mail; for those who are not yet in the mailing list just call the ACDMAE office.

The activities of the group include: 

Monthly meetings:

A monthly breakfast at the Gazebo of the MFA Club is open to everybody, even those who are not ACDMAE members, which allows to get to know each other, to socialize, to discuss issues related to the life of following a MFA employee and to seek solutions to some problems together.


Preparation for a new location:

Practical information is provided before departure for a new location, meetings are organized with members who have already experienced the same experiences and distributed the “Come e Dove” containing useful information on the countries of destination. The conference “Pre-Posting” – once a year– provides practical information on insurance, relocation, security, etc.

Representation: members with long lasting experience of “career” give suggestions on behaviors and rules to follow, to give a valid help and effectively flank their spouses in the performance of their duties of representation.

Spanish Readings and Conversations

The group “Spanish Readings and Conversations” proposes monthly meetings to read spanish books together. These events are important to consolidate friendship relations and to share thoughts and viewpoints about the readings.

Meetings take place at “Circolo degli Affari Esteri”.


Le proposte per il prossimo anno 2019-2020 sono le seguenti:

  • Doña Perfecta
    Benito Pérez Galdós, España
  • El vuelo de la reina
    Tomás Eloy Martínez, Argentina
  • Formas de volver a casa
    Alejandro Andrés Zambra, Chile
  • Memorias de mamá Blanca
    Teresa de la Parra, Venezuela
  • La hora azul
    Alonso Cueto, Perú
  • Muerte súbita
    Alvaro Enrique, México
  • Lazarillo de Tormes
    Anónimo, España
  • El ruido de las cosas al caer
    Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Colombia
  • La ciudad de los prodigios
    Eduardo Mendoza, España
  • La noche detenida
    Javier Reverte, España